DIY Tiffany & Co inspired Jewelry Box


I don’t know about you, but I have accumulated a large collection of rings and having them bang around int he bottom of my jewelry drawer just wasn’t cutting it.  I needed a way to organize them as well as a way to easily and quickly find the rings that went with the outfits I was wearing.  As a result, I made a really cool storage box out of a shadow box display from my local craft store.  This tutorial can also be modified and used for other items besides rings.

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So first, you need to buy a shadow box that opens from the front like a jewelry box.  I picked this one up from Michael’s as part of a buy one get one free sale =)  This one has a clear front and is three inches deep.  It has a clasp opening which will be perfect for this project.


Ok, next you will need to select your paint if you want to give it a pop of color.  I love the Tiffany Blue color and found something that was close.  I am using an craft acrylic paint.  I will also top coat it with a gloss varnish for a nice finish.

When it comes to painting acrylic paint, I like to use foam brushes for their ease of painting a smooth finish without brush strokes showing.  They are also mega cheap, so you won’t feel guilty if you forget to clean them and need to trash them.

Ok, you will also need a ruler, scissors, a sharpie, masking tape, cloth and foam.  For the cloth used, I recommend a felt like material or fleece as it will not scratch your jewelry and is soft to touch.  The foam I am using is just your standard one inch thick upholstery/craft foam from the fabric store.

Ok, so first step is to mask the glass so you don’t end up painting it.  I used a piece of paper and masking tape.  Next, clean off the surface you are going to paint.  I recommend using denatured alcohol to remove any grease or oils.  Some surfaces may need to be primed or sanded.   Also, don’t forget to remove any hardware(this is a perfect time to spray paint them if you want)  Ok, start brushing on your paint.  I recommend doing multiple coats and going thin on each coat as it will give you the best finish.

After letting the base coat fully dry, I painted on the top gloss coat.  This step is optional, but if you want the finish to last and to look nice, I recommend putting on a top coat.  Same thing like the base coat, I recommend painting multiple thin coats.

Ok, after everything is fully dry, peel off the masking and marvel at the awesome job you have done so far!

Ok, now it is time to work on the interior of the case.  You want to measure the length and width of the case to know the size of the foam for the inner supports.

Take the foam and using a sharpie, trace out the width and length of the box.  Next, I made lines on the foam that were one inch apart and cut them out.  Take your time =)

Ok, now, you will need to cut out your cloth for the liner.  I measured out the width of the box as a guide and used my cutter to cut the fabric.  The length will vary based on the size of your box.

Ok, so now you got a big stack of foam sticks and the cut cloth.  Now it is time to build out the liner.  First, insert a strip of foam.  Then take the cloth and wrap around the foam strip(front side, top, back side).

Fold the cloth up so you are creating a crease in the cloth, insert the next foam strip and repeat.  Do this until you fill up the space of the box and cut off any excess fabric.

Reattach your hardware and show off your jewelry!



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  1. Hey Ann! I love this as a gift giving idea! I wanted to know- what brand was the box you got? I’m trying to find a box online, but i’l kinda stumped in finding one like yours.

  2. Could you post a link to the box you got on I went into a Michael’s store the other day but couldn’t find a box like yours.

  3. I really like this! I should try it someday! It’s really cute and it’d be a great way to safely store jewlery 🙂

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