DIY Nicole Richies’s Inspired Hair Jewelry


Hey Lovelies!

So I have always loved the way Nicole Richie rocked out her Indian inspired hair jewelry.  Today I will be showing you the basic on how you can make your very own! These hair jewelry are perfect for special to social events.  I’m in love with that artsy/gypsy/eclectic style, and nothing is more perfect than making your own accessory to achieve that style.

This new DIY is also in time for Halloween for those of you ladies who are going for the pretty or sexy costume!  These will make great princess or sorceress hair accessory.  Below is a step by step visual but you can get the full tutorial by watching the video!


Materials: All chains were purchased from Michaels craft store. Jump ring size: .25″ (3-4 mm) Chains can be any size you like!!! The brand of the decorative chain is by “Bead Landing” (Derby Chic).  I also used my old earrings and forever21 beaded necklaces.

I like the top chain that will sit on top of my head to stand out.  It’s also a good idea to use something wide so it can sit well on top of your head.

You can make as many draping chains you like to fall on the sides, however I will stick to 2 sets here.  The inner set of chains are 11 inches but as you add a chain, also add 1-1.5 inch.

Jump rings are what holds everything together. So get one that match your chain in color and consider the size of all the chains



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  1. Always loved boho hair jewelry, especially the way Nicole Richie rocks it. (Boy, she’s come a long way since The Simple Life days, eh?) Anyway, love your blog! Great concept and super useful. Stop by mine if you get a minute. Hope you’ll like it: Cheers!

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