Little Black Bag


Hi Lovelies! So I’ve just gotten familiar with Little Black Bag and wanted to share with you my experience shopping on their site. I must say it was pretty interesting.

In all honesty, I thought they were a beauty monthly subscription sort of site and just was not interested at all in learning about what products they have. That was until I bumped into one of their co-founder at Vidcon over the summer. We were both in line to make it into an after-party and somehow got into conversation about if we’ve made the guest list. LOL. long story short, he found out I was a youtuber and I found out he was one of the co-founders. He then explained to me the inspiration behind the company and how it was inspired from a Japanese tradition where a big group a girls would gather to trade what’s in their bags. That’s when he caught my attention and it took off from there!

If you are interested, I am hosting a giveaway on my Youtube!

The site:  (Not affiliate link)


The code will be good until noon PST on Sept 7th.


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