DIY Laptop Sleeve & Oversized Clutch


Hiya Lovelies!

I’ve posted a video tutorial on these awesome laptop sleeves, accessory case, or clutch a couple of weeks ago.  However due to this whole cyber move (still a working progress), I’ve been back up.

It seemed like some of my viewers (mostly sewing beginners) found the tutorial confusing, so I thought I post a step by step here. I’ve been thinking about doing writing step by step for all of my DIYs but again, I can’t promise.

I hope you dolls enjoy this DIY, it makes great gift giving (*wink to Christmas)!  Once you’re on your second one, you will get the hang of it can start customizing it for anyone or anything!


Materials: (Sourced from local fabric or craft store)

-Faux leather, vinyl, upholstery fabric for heavier items, and thinner fabrics for lighter smaller items for the outside

-Felt type material as a inner liner

-Velcro for the closure, or a buckle if desired

-Scissors, ruler, marker, fabric glue(if non sew) or sewing machine and thread

-Sharpie or pencil for marking fabric. -Iron/ironing board to press the fabric

Measurements: Measure the width and height of your laptop or whatever you desire

ADD 1.5-inch  to your width and 10.5 inches to your height

Example:  My Laptop is 15 inches wide 11 inches in Height.

Width: 15 inches +1 inch = 16″W

Height: 11.5 inch + 10 inch= 21.5″ H

My total measurements: 16 x 21.5 inches

1) Prep

Place materials right sides together.

2) Back pattern:

a. Draw a rectangle, mine is 16 x 21.5 inch

b. Make your fold line (this is where the flap will fold over- fold line): Measure 11.5 inch up from the bottom line, then mark it on the sides.

c. Make another set of marks 1 inch up from the fold line marks.  This is will make the flap easier to fold over.

d. The tip for the flap: At the top horizontal line, find your mid-point and mark it.  You can either make this pointy of square.  To make it square measure out  1-2 inches on the sides.  In the video, I added 2 inches going left and 2 inches going right, all together it equals 4 inches.

e. Connect those new marks down to the 2nd set of marks you made from C.

e. Cut

3) Front pattern:

a. With right sides together

b. Draw a 16 x 11.5 inch rectangle

c. Cut

4)  Flap (Sew lining to fabric)

a. Pin the right sides together

b. Sew 1/2 inch seam starting at the fold line around to the next fold line (back stitch)

c. snip off any extra bulky seams.

***d. Make a 1/2 inch snip into the seam at the fold line (This will separate the flap from the body and make the rest easier to sew.

5) Press

a. Turn the flap inside out

b. With hot iron, press the sides down. If you’re using vinyl, be sure to use a damp cloth in between.

6) Front pattern:

a. On the 16 inch width line,  pin the right sides together and sew a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

b. edge stitch, the lining side for a clean finish! (optional)

c. Turn right sides out and Press (the same way explained above)

7) The Closure

a. Marking where your Velcro or choice of closure will lay.

b. sew it on.

*optional: If you’re worried the thread lines will show, you can cover it up with decorative ribbons =)

8) Sew the bag!

a. Pin rights sides together of the front and body.

b. Sew 1/2 inch allowance.

c. Snip off any bulky seam allowances ( I snip off .25 inch on one side of the S.A.)

9)  Turn inside out and Press!



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  1. Hi Ann, great DIY. Seeing the smaller beige, textured one gives me the idea to make one for my books. I usually just toss the book I’m currently reading, into my bags and sometimes they get a little banged up. I think I’ll find some nice textured fabric or vinyl and make one to protect my books or even my agenda which I also just toss into my bags/backpack.

  2. Hi Ann, I was just wondering the brand/model of sewing machine that you use. I’m contemplating purchasing a sewing machine! Thanks for your help and keep up with the awesome DIYs!

  3. Hi, Ann! I love this tutorial, and I’ve already tried it a couple of times, but it always turns out to be too small. What am I doing wrong? I have a 13″ MacBook Pro and an iPad I would like to make this for, so could you please be a sugar coated angel and write the exact measurements for these two??? Lost of love

    1. for every inch you add, you need to sew 1/2 inch seam, if you sew too much in than it will take off more space. so try 14 X 10

  4. Hi Annie
    Love all your tutorials especially the DIY!
    Just a note on Step 3) b. In your video the measurement is 16 x 12 (because you add in the half inch seem). So it should be a 16 x12 inch rectangle in the written instructions above.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Annie, I made this case last night for the first time and although I love the look of the bag I have to say that your written and video directions are very confusing. I really love your tutorials so I’m hoping I can offer some feedback to help or maybe find out if it’s something I am not doing correctly.

    I think the editing of the video had something to do with the confusion. I figured it out some parts by trial and error but there were parts in the video that just didn’t make sense. Here are a few things that confused me:

    1. In the video you said that the height of your computer is *11.5 in.* but in the written directions it says that it’s12in. in the very beginning before step #1. also before step #1 (prep) in the written directions it says that your laptop is *15×11* and then you add 1 inch to the width and 10 to the height… which would make it *16 x 21* but then you switched the 11h to 12h and ended up with *16 x 22*… the math isn’t adding up because of this error. This makes it very hard to know which measurements to follow.

    2. In step 5 you show yourself drawing a new mark ON the felt on each side but don’t give any explanation to why or what the measurements are. All that is said is: you sew the flap felt and back pattern together using a 1/2 seam allowance. I know in step 2 you said to mark the fold line on the outside of the rectangle going up 11.5 inches (the height of your bag) on both sides… but that was outside of the rectangle and so when you see new marks being drawn ON the felt IN the back pattern/flap in step 5 it’s confusing. Are they the same marks just being re-drawn?

    3. In step 7 when you are sewing the 1/2 inch seam allowance on the width line of the front pattern, the video shows you only using the felt and vinyl but then in the next sewing shots it shows the felt, vinyl AND the back pattern and felt being sewed all TOGETHER. That part was especially frustrating because after the sewing shots it goes back to just the vinyl and the felt during the edge stitch directions… it needs to be visually clear that you only sew the width of the vinyl and felt together and not sewing all of the fabrics together.

    Once I worked my way through it and took chances on the measurements and sewing my end result turned out well but had some small issues that weren’t explained in the video. For example, (please see photo) The space between the vinyl and the top of the flap is open… I tried following the measurements shown in the video and so I’m curious what went wrong. Should I have sewed farther down to close the space or maybe it’s just the measurement issue that i talked about above?

    I hope this all made sense and will help to solve some confusion. I really appreciate this tutorial and I hope you take my comment as positive feedback. Looking forward to making more DIY projects from your blog!

    1. Hi Alex,
      Oh Golly!!! Sorry for the confusion. I can see why anyone would go crazy reading the instructions. Haha! I usually write these blog post late at night and had forgotten to proof read this one in particular.

      Okay, So I went back and clarify the measurements above. I hope that will help with the confusion.

      Your #2 concern- that was a mistake marking I made early on, something to ignore.

      #3 concern- I used the wrong footage to edit sewing the 1/2 S.A on the front pattern. But all you basically need to do is sew along the width. Turn it inside out and edge stitch if you like.

      Thank you for taking the time by bringing this to my attention. I appreciate it and let me know if it looks more clear to you! Best of luck! Ann

  6. Hi Ann!! This DIY is awesome! I tried to make this case for my laptop but unfortunately it was too small (I guess I had some difficulties with the measurements). Yet, it turns out that it is a very nice clutch!
    I used imitation suede for the back and faux leather for the front. Here’s a picture of what it’s like!
    Thank you so much for you videos and all your tutorials.

  7. Hi Ann!! This DIY is awesome! I tried to make this case for my laptop but unfortunately it was too small (I guess I had some difficulties with the measurements). Yet, it turns out that it is a very nice clutch!

    I used imitation suede for the back and faux leather for the front. Here’s a picture of what it’s like!

    Thank you so much for you videos and all your tutorials.


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