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Here’s a DIY that is in trend this season and a great way to give your old pants a makeover.  These are “coated” style pants.  They have a sheen to them that sort of look like leather.  It’s a great way to break away from the typical basics.

Here’s an epic fail story… after reading other blogs and learning how to coat pants with actual wax.  I tried everything step by step and failed miserable.  The wax was very time consuming to apply and difficult to handle. After so, I had to heat and melt it which was another tedious and pain the rump process.  The result turned out nothing like a waxy coat finish but a icky gross look and feel. I don’t recommend this method at all. It just takes too much time and the wax alone is pretty pricey- not to mention the electricity involved.


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Materials you will need for this project:  2 full bottles of Fabric paint (it will vary if you’re mixing it), Spongy brush applicators, a paint tray or container, paper bags or newspapers to cover the work area, latex gloves, and some pants!

*Pants- I recommend thicker materials with not a lot of stretch.  Choose darker shades, if you’re thinking about painting them darker, and lighter for lighter colors.

1) Cover your work area to prevent any mess from getting all over the place.

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2) Prep your paint, I suggest pouring your paints in a container for even application.  You can also use it to mix a preferable shade.

3) lay your pants down and brush on the paint.  Go in seam cracks and cover every area as possible.


4) Let the paint cure for about 2 days in the sun or a dry ventilated area.

Enjoy your new pants!

xoxo Ann (^_^)


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