DIY Skull & Skeleton Heart Cutout Tee

Retails for $40
Hi again!  I’ve been meaning to make this tutorial since the beginning of this summer and now here it is.  At least around this time, the water at the beach should be warm enough for you to make a few of these bad boys as bikini cover-ups.  Rock them and show off your sexy back this summer!  Enjoy the video tutorial below!


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    Kasthuri Kamalanathan

    2 years Ago

    Thank you for clarifying the misconception. I was so scared. Ever since I
    found that lemon/lime has bergapten in them, I stopped using
    lemon/lime. I used to use them and I went in to the sun and I got burned
    spots all over my legs. Ever since you clarified it I am confidant in
    using it again. Now, I know what I did wrong. Before I usually use lime
    and I found out that while lemon has bergapten it’s oil and lime has it
    all over it’s fruit.

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    Great ideas :D

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