DIY Multi Chain Bracelets






Hi again! Here is a video tutorial I made on 2 styles you can do with chains, cords, and maybe a rhinestone link.  The styles were inspired from ispydiy and dubalduinomakeup on youtube.  I noticed the methods of lacing the cords were very much the same on both styles, therefore I wanted to include the two styles in one video tutorial.  I hope you enjoy this tutorial! 
*All materials were purchased from Michaels craft store.
Chains purchased from Michaels Craft store – brand of chains are called “Styled” by Tori Spelling
Suede cord from AC Moore, Joann’s, or Michaels Craft store.


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    I ready like what your doing but i have a question..
    What kind of cord do you use??
    I’m looking for it everywhere but can’t find it.
    I live in the Netherlands and we don’t have your store.
    Xx Anne

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