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*this is a video footages above


Hey again! I have a super cute and fun summer DIY for you!  I love LOVE crossbody purses or bags. They are especially convenient on trips or outside activities. They’re great if you want to free your hands! The mini styles are adorable with summer dresses or almost with anything. 
In this video tutorial below, I tried to make it easy for those of you who don’t sew or own a sewing machine.  This is actually a gluing technique that I’ve been playing around with. Enjoy and remember to send me photos of your complete project! 

1. Faux vinyl leather or upholstery fabric (1/2 yard)
2. Lining fabric (1/2 yard)
3. Long shoulder strap (you can thrift for it or click HERE to buy it: 10mm aluminum chains)
*The measurement of your strap is base on personal preference, I cut mine’s to be 44″
Aluminum chains are very east to cut
4. Magnetic button closure sold CLICK HERE:
5. Ribbon .25 or .5 inch width

6. 11X9 inch cardboard

*CLICK of the word “HERE” for the links

Tools/ supplies:
1. Vinyl glue (can be found in Lowes or home depot) I’m using this brand,-Fabric-&-Plastic-Flexible-Adhesive.htm
2. Thread and sewing needle for the ribbon
3. Super glue and fabric glue
4. Rotary cutter or fabric shears
5. Something sharp to puncture the vinyl

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  1. hey, whats the best glue and paint for leather materials when making bags?

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