Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful man, husband, and father.  We love you for all you’ve done for us and being there at all times in need.
With every holiday celebration, it’s became our tradition to celebrate it a day early.  This help us enjoy the day without the hassle of crowded rooms and waiting in line.  Last night we feasted at our current favorite restaurant, enjoying tapas and decadent cheese!  Eric and I always have a great time taking our little man out.  It’s the cutest thing to hear kids ramble off and laugh at random things you forget was funny. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy holidays.
Eric has been a wonderful father since day one and I have full confidence in him.  He has been my personal photographer, business partner, and best friend.  Father’s day also holds a bitter sweetness for us in the last couple of years.  It lies a couple of days after the anniversary of my dad’s passing.  It definitely gets better after each year and I wished my dad for infinite love and happiness in heaven!
Happy Father’s Day to all the great men out there who’s been putting their kids and loved ones first.  You guys are the silent heroes.