DIY Metallic Blocking: Repurposing Shoes and Accessories

Hi everyone!  Here is a really quick and easy way to put some new life into the neglected shoes in the back of you closet!  This style is copied from the trends of the catwalk of the biggest fashion houses.  Ok, so here is how you do it!

Step 1: Find a pair of shoes that you want to accent.  Shiny and smooth surfaces look best for this DIY(like patent leather, vinyl, leather, etc.)
Step 2: Clean and dust off the area to be painted.  Good preparation makes for good results.
Step 3: Measure where you want the cap to be painted so you can be even on both shoes.
Step 4: Use masking tape(or electrical tape) to mask off the area you do not want to paint.  Payy attention to the edges of the masking tape and push em down.  Then cover the rest of the shoe using tape and paper or newspaper.
Step 5: I reccomend using spray adhesion promotor(clear primer) as the first coat to ensure the paint sticks.  After letting that dry for an hour or so, then lightly dust the top coat of spray paint(I like using Krylon or Duplicolor brands).  Let it dry, and do another coat, Do this 3 or so times.  If you only do one heavy coat, your paint will look runny and can bleed under the masking tape.
Step 6: Let the paint dry and cure overnight, then next day, carefully remove your masking tape.
Step 7: Enjoy your “new” shoes!
Super easy!  You can do this on other accessories like purses and totes too!