Date time in NYC Part 2


Guest Post by Eric 😉

Ann and I have been hearing from friends and locals about the Chelsea Highline and we were stoked to check it out.  The Chelsea Highline is a vertical park that once was a raised freight train line.  It was derelict and overgrown when in 1999 a grassroots effort was made by local residents to prevent the structure from being demolished and lobbied to turn it into a park.  It is a pretty epic and has many scenic vistas and overlooks.   We left to go to the Highline at 9PM and didn’t know what to expect.  The highline was well lit, full of other folks enjoying the sights and seemed pretty family safe! 
Unfortunately, most of the food vendors on the Highline closed up at 9PM and out tummies were grumbling again, so we decided to try out Buddakan.  We needed a romantic end to our date day/night.  Buddakan is a trendy asian fusion restaurant located in the meatpacking district of NYC with a non descript exterior.  When we walked there, we almost missed it, as it has a tiny metal sign near a fancy but dark door.  Thinking it was the side of the building, we turned the corner and didn’t see any other doors.  Having no idea that it was open other then what we read on Yelp, we walked in and was greeted by an immense and really fancy looking restaurant.  I was totally underdressed for the occasion, but whatevs.  We lucked out and were seated in 20 minutes.  For a place where it’s even difficult to get reservations, we totally lucked out.   Buddakhan has a Tapas style of dining where entrees are meant to be shared, which we thought was cool cause we like to try different things.  After squinting in the dark to figure out what to order, we settled on three vegetable, rice and noodle dishes.  Thirty  minutes and half a cocktail later(man, I’m a total lightweight with strong cocktails) our dishes came out and it was time to chow down.  Overall, decent food, but nothing to really go nuts over.  However, the highlight of the night was the dessert.  Ann ordered the Crying Chocolate, which is basically a chocolate lava cake that is accompanies by a jasmine tea ice cream.  If you guys have been following Ann, you know she is a HUGE tea fanatic.  The cake was pretty good, but the ice cream was incredible.  The flavor of the jasmine tea was perfectly infused into the ice cream.  It was like green tea velvet.  We washed it all down with their coconut pineapple tea, which was also great.  Would have never considered a mix of coconut into tea.  Our total bill was under $100 including tip and drinks, which for a supposedly high end restaurant in NYC was pretty good!  About a day’s worth of work for a fancy dinner =)  Great way to end the night!