Date time in NYC Part 1

So this past weekend Ann and I went to explore New York City and get in some much needed date time =)  We had a full day planned, but didn’t realize how fast time flies when you are having fun!  We headed out Saturday morning to Union Square to take the subway downtown.  Down the stairs and into the subway we went!  A quick ride later, we popped out at Canal Street and started to make our way to Little Italy for lunch!  Our stomachs were saying “feeeeed meeee.” 
Little Italy is an area of NYC on the edge of China Town that is full of awesome Italian vendors and restaurants.  We were in the mood to have Italian, so we Yelped restaurants in the area and found an awesome little restaurant called Rubirosa.  Located on the on the outskirts of Little Italy, it is past the super touristy two block area Little Italy is known for.  Kinda looks like a cute little restaurant from the outside, but one would never notice it if you didn’t know where you were going.  After taking a peek at the menu, we forgot our desire to cut carbs and we walked in.  Now Rubirosa is well known for their super thin crust pizzas so we had to indulge!  We decided on getting three slices of their top 3 pizzas; classic, vodka and fresco and also ordered a small caprese pizza(so hungy).  When in New York, you gotta have real legit New York Pizza!  The crust was incredible, it was thin, crisp on the outside yet strong enough to hold without the slice flopping over.  The Vodka pizza was by far the best.  A rich tangy flavor from the combination of the vodka and tomato topped with a light mozzarella.  Awesome!  Then our Caprese pizza came out and wow!  It was topped with a purplish heirloom tomato with a pesto sauce and home made stracciatella cheese.  The crust was impossibly thin, almost like a tortilla chip, yet still had an impossible combination of crisp and chewiness.  Holy moly it was great.  With two satisfied and full tummies later, we decided to explore SOHO to burn off the calories.
SOHO is an area of NYC that is in the lower part of Manhattan, on the edges of Little Italy and Chinatown.  Ann wanted to check out Top Shop as there are only a handful of locations and only one on the east coast.  It was a pretty impressive store with three levels and a staff with an eclectic fashion style, but the styles there were a bit too trendy, or so says Ann.  From a guys perspective, ladies like a lot of gradients and neon colors this season.  Anyhow, after checking it out, we decided to explore the streets of SOHO a little more and went down a cute little street with some hand craft vendors and art galleries.  And this is where we met Jean and Valerie of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.  It’s so cool to meet these two bloggers in person!  Those two were so awesome and friendly to chat with!  After wandering a little more around SOHO, we decided to head back to Chinatown to get some fresh fruit.
Chinatown is most well known for the Canal Street area.  This is where hawkers of all cultures whisper to you that they have Rolexes and handbags, LOL.  “Gucci, Prada, best price, best quality.”  LOL.  We used to love going to Chinatown before we had Vincent, but now that we are a little older and wiser(and our sense of smell is better) we realized why we haven’t been back in a while.  The funky mix of sweaty people, garbage and fish markets makes an odor totally unique to Chinatown.  LOL.  Mulberry St in Chinatown is where many of the fruit stands are located so we headed our way up there.  After weaving through the dense crowds of people we got up to the fruit stands and started to check out the prices.  Ann had decided on getting 2 pounds of White Ranier Cherries and 2 pounds of Bing cherries.  All for $5 total!  At our local supermarket back home, we pay $4 per pound!  Ann and I turned the corner and then saw another vendor selling the same cherries for $.50 less per pound!  Lesson of the day, when in Chinatown, prices on the side streets can often be found to be lower than those on the main strips.  After all that walking and shopping we decided to head over to our favorite tea shop, Teariffic on Mott St.  It’s nice to sit down and take a load off to rest our worn out feet.  Ann has a pickled lemonade, and I had some mix of mint, grapefruit and passion fruit.  Nice and refreshing.  While we were relaxing,  we couldn’t help but overhear the next tables conversation where they were talking about business, boasting about rents, business ideas etc.  One of my friends told me, in LA, people are superficial about looks.  In NYC, people are superficial about success.  Guess it’s true =) After our break, we headed back to Chelsea to relax and rest up for the night’s activities…
Guest Post by Eric 😉