Weekend with the hub



This weekend was such a nice escape to have a little one on one time with the hubby. Our little guy chose his cousins over a fun weekend with us. Therefore, Eric and I quickly took advantage of the situation and headed out to NYC.
We had a wonderful time spending quality time with each other and meeting friends we don’t get to see often. The first night was a little insane. As soon as we got there, our friend was waiting to pick us up and head out into the city. We went from home, to the hotel, to NYC with no breaks in between. It was however a cheerful night disregarding the dreadful teeth clattering chilly rain.
Unlike many fortunate bloggers out there posting cheery warm weather outfits. I live in the North East where spring starts late May. Therefore, my coat is still my protector and companion in times like these. This will have to do for now.

Ippudo Noodle house – I was a little disappointed by my order, I would say I had way better noodles than my option here.

Happy Drinkers!