Leather on Leather




*coat- miss sixty, blazer – thrifted, boots -lucky, pants h&m,  and bag- celine


The other night I was telling Eric how I love not having snow for winter.  The following night we were hit with our first degusting slush snow storm.  I totally jinx myself.  I’m sure you’re feeling the same way I feel.  Can’t wait for Spring already!
I wanted to wear pumps so badly today- however that would have resulted me in the ER.  Leather over leather (faux) would have to do for now.  I love standing in the sun with my black leather pants.  They’re like solar panels absorbing in all the sun’s warmth.  This coat I was wearing was super thin for New England’s winter- however it was the  perfect cover-up over the thrifted wool blazer I had sitting in my closet all summer long.