DIY Homemade Green Tea Body Butter Bars



Learn how to make natural green tea butter bars!


Ingredients for Green Tea Body Bar:
2.5 oz Cosmetic/food grade Wax
2 oz Mango butter
2 oz Shea butter
1 oz Almond butter
1 Tbsp Matcha (green tea powder)
1 Tbsp Coconut oil (optional)
Hot water pot
Pyrex measuring cups
Cookie or soap mold
Mixing sticks
Ingredients for Oat Butter Bars:
2.5 oz Cosmetic/food grade Wax
2 oz Cocoa Butter
 2 oz Shea butter
1 oz Almond butter
1 Tbsp
1 Tbsp
Jojo oil (optional)


16 comments on “DIY Homemade Green Tea Body Butter Bars”

  1. I was advised that soap can not be made without Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) and I notice these recipes do not contain lye as an ingredient. Will these bars still work like soap and get me clean?

    1. They are pre-made soap melts. If you make the soap from scratch than that is necessary 🙂

      1. I understand that, but I am referring to your ingredients for the Green Tea Body Bar. By definition it is not soap because you do not list lye or any pre-made soap melt as an ingredient. What is a body bar and is it comparable to soap?

        Can I replace my soap with your Green Tea Body Bar and still be clean?

        1. Oh sorry! I did not see that your comment was for the Green Tea body bar. All my comments usually appears on one page. The green tea body bar is not a soap and should not be used as soap. It is a body butter a.k.a moisturizer. It is not something to wash off. It’s lotion in a form of a bar therefore there are no soap ingredients used. Hope that clarifies everything!

  2. Hi I love these bars. Can I replace the almond
    Butter with another and which would you use to replace it with

  3. Hi,
    When using these lotion bars does the oat meal and green tea stick to the skin? just wondered if they stick all over the skin or get absorbed or what?
    Thank you

  4. How long is the shelf life for the green tea body bar and oatmeal body bar? Will the oats need to be preserved with a preservative? I want to make these as gifts, but don’t want them to mold

  5. Hi hope you can help. Im looking for a moisturizing lotion recepie that does not use shea,coconut and coca anything. Im alergic to all. Please help a recipe or a point in a direction would be greatly appreciated

  6. Very excited to try your recipe for the green tea body bars. Do you know how much by volume the each of the butters are? I don’t have a kitchen scale. You mentioned the soy wax was abt 3/4 cup, but didn’t mention a conversion for the other ingredients. Thank you!!

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