Yellow Caution & New Hair Do!





*gap sweater, dkny watch, celine phantom bag, jewelmint ring, h&m beanie and pants, Guess coat, and zara shoes.


O-M-G!!! Another post? hopefully I can keep this momentum going.  So here’s another cold chilly day.  These photos were taken on a day that was 45 degrees outside.  It was chilly but not cold as yesterday.  Yesterday was 24 degrees!  Now that’s at freezing.   Days like these I can stand because we can layer and still rock out cute pumps.  Ladies… if you want to look cute, there’s going to be some sort of compromise. Otherwise, just pull out the Uggs and call it a day. 
Btw… I chopped off 3 inches of my hair!  The dead ends were driving me crazy so I whipped out the scissors and now I’m happy.  I really liked the results.