comfy and warm




*Jimmy Choo Bag, Fabianelli boots, Target sweater, and Jcrew Coat



This was my first day outside since feeling sick in the last couple of days.  The cold started right on Christmas.  Fortunately it was not strep throat as I thought it would be. 
That afternoon I had a lunch date with Eric.  We had the day to ourselves since our little man wanted to stay over his cousins.  It was nice to finally have full conversations and finished each sentences =) 
All I wanted to wear this day was something comfy and warm.  I was still so tired but I was in need of some fresh air.  I’m not into dressing like a sick person especially after looking like a mess in the last two days.   I believe you can still feel comfy and look put together.  Dressing up is not about what other people think of me, it’s about how the clothes make me feel.