Christmas starts now – YSL Arty







These YSL Arty rings have been pretty popular amongst many fashion bloggers and fashionistas – and so I finally jumped aboard.  I have been eyeing these babies for a while and wished I had purchased them earlier- that way I would have been able to pick up the color I really liked.  So sad.  On the other hand, the pink glass was not a bad choice.  I ordered 3 sizes after hearing different reviews on the sizing and thought I tried them all out.   Turquoise was my #1 choice of color however, the size 5 was too tight for mr.  I really wanted to like the gunmetal ring however, I felt the color was too dark.  Size 7 fitted my index finger, loose on the other.  Size 6 fitted my ring finger and snugged on the rest.  I would say they run true to size.
I have high expectation when it comes to designer pieces especially something “hand crafted” like this.  It feels great to have loved designer pieces as part of my collection.  I have to say though, the quality was not exquisite as I wished it could have been.  I remembered reading from their site that each piece is unique because it was hand crafted by artisans.  However looking at it, it looked almost manufactured.  I still really like the style and loved it as part of my collection.  Especially a renown piece of art.