Black & White all over with a Touch of Warmth




*H&M- pants and hat, watch- DKNY, YSL ring, Forever21 jacket, MInk Pink- top, Alexander Wang bag & shoes.
This oversized fluid top and tough leather accents brings out the attitude in me!  There are so many styles I like, but anything fierce yet chill is so me.  I also adore feminine silhouettes and classic styles.  Therefore I went for this flowy top and a scarf with good drape.  The red adds a nice tone of color.  As you can see  just a bit of red can easily tune the mood from moody to lovely.  
The clothing you wear should always reflect who you are inside.  The red and romantic silhouette of the top reflects my passions in life.  I love dramatic expressions therefore the contrast between the prints and red played out nicely.  Leather and strong lines expressed the zero tolerance I have upon idiots who brings negativity in my life.  I have a big heart yet the same time I don’t take shit from anyone.