A Steve Madden Day

In November I was given a incredible opportunity to visit L.A. and filmed a Steve Madden campaign with a few other Youtubers and StyleHaul.   It was a exciting time to learn and meet new faces.  I especially enjoyed seeing how the crew work so intensely.  There were mostly serious looking men trying to perfect the lightings and technicality of the production.  It makes me so appreciative to see how hard people work.  There was also a decorating team making the home festive and inviting.  Everyone who worked was incredibly sweet and a joy to have around.   I’m truly grateful for the new ventures and people whom I crossed path within these past years. 
We started the day uncaffeinated at 7am and ended the day discombobulated at around 10pm.  I remember Evelina and I were totally hyped up on our way home dancing to the night then crashed immediately once we hit the hotel.  Check out the Steve Maddens I got to wear!
Silly us! left to right -Chelsea, Me, Britney, and Evelina.  They were all gorgeous in person and very pleasant.
Done filming! a glimse of behind the shoot.
Me with Lauren from StyleHaul.  Thank you Lauren for setting up the team!