Ann’s Thai Tea recipe

Thai tea leaves are a mystery to me.  I’ve searched all over the web to see what exact leaves are the Thai tea based of and I cannot find it anywhere!  I did found the mysterious…

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Thai tea bag.  Even on the bag the ingredient read “Thai tea”.   It’s like some secret we will never know.  The smell of the anise spice and the mysterious leaf mixed together is so unique.  It’s faint, sweet, with a touch of warmness.  The added red coloring is so vibrant and with the added milk it turns into a creamy orange.  This drink is amazing with the added ingredient!  In the summer I add lots of ice and winter I replace it from my uber sweet hot cocoa.  Mmmmm….!  If you’re not into sweet drinks like myself, you will find this delicious.

This is the mysterious bag of tea sold in Asian stores.  You can also try your ethnic food section at your local super market.


It doesn’t come in individual package so I make my own tea bags for instant stewing.  Add about
2 Tbl spoons.


Let it sit in your cup of freshly hot water for 5-10 minutes until you see the a dark red.
Depending on your personal preference. Add 2-4 Tspn sweetener. I like using organic Agave, the sweetness is not overpowering . Lastly, Add 1/4 cup amount of milk. I prefer almond milk. It has less or no saturated fats and it’s soy free. I’m also not a big fan of super creamy drinks.

This is a great coffee replacement. Tea contains enough morning caffeine but with these ingredients it’s less calories and a lot more healthy. Enjoy!

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