Wedding Night

 *my shorty big sis
One thing I like best about a wedding is dressing up.  Sounds pretty vain, but it’s occasions like these that a girl can wear sparkles from head to toe.
Every time I go to a wedding it make me realized how much I don’t want something so extravagant.  Weddings are often beautiful and romantic.  However, on the other side it’s all stress and intensity.  That’s something I can use less of.  Eric and I never had our official ceremony.  Although it’s important to some, we prioritized differently.  Instead of having a ideal fairytale wedding, we opt for buying a house and car.  After selling our house, we invested our savings into a business.  We never liked the idea of spending so much money in one day.
Whenever someone asked why I don’t want a wedding (in their sympathetic tone), I simply tell them I have different priorities.  To some girls a fairytale wedding is their life’s dream.  My ideal of a fairytale wedding is taking that money and extending it out to traveling the world together.