The Origin




*photos from AdvancedStyle
You ain’t got nottin on these fearless forces of nature! I just discovered them from this amazing blog- and OMG!!! This is how fabulous life should be.  These avant-garde sassy woman are living life to the fullest.  I have to applaud them for strutting some serious swags.   
One of my biggest pet peeve is when people think expressive art is “weird” just because it’s not his or her own taste.  Some of us like to live outside the box and take the world in.  Everyone has unique characteristics about themselves.  We may not wear or do some of the creative things others like to do- but it’s about respecting what they stand for.  That is DON’T BE ASHAME to EXPRESS YOURSELF!  If you like piercing, tattoos, or fake boobs… own it.  If  you’re a cross dresser… own it.  If you like t-shirt sand jeans.. own it!  Do keep in mind that self expression is amazing but what’s also more important is to respect yourself  and your body at the same time.  Whatever it is… take inspiration in life and make it your own.