The Little Things that Make a Difference

*Rebecca Romijn has teamed up with Maya Brenner Designs to create this one of a kind necklace to aid relief efforts in Japan.
100% of the profits will be donated to the Red Cross.
A few weeks ago I was shopping around for dainty style necklaces that I can wear with almost any outfit or layer with any other jewelry pieces.  Amazingly enough, the people from reached out to me and introduced me to their lovely collection.  It was exactly what I’ve been searching for!  I wanted something unique beside a heart or stone.  I wanted something classic and timeless without standing out too much and Maya Brenner’s necklaces were just right! 
The moment I saw them in the box,  they look so dainty and very delicate.  I was almost afraid to handle them.  Once on, it was such a subtle beauty around my neck; Very elegant with a effortless statement.  Maya Brenner’s necklaces are well known amongst established publication and celebrities.  Therefore, I was very flattered when they asked for me to review their pieces.   Not only am I pleased with the style, I will surely come back for more. 
These necklaces make great sentimental gifts.   Maya Brenner’s state/world necklaces are very popular.  If you ever had a great vacation or made memorable moments in a certain state/country, you can always wear that state/country close to your heart.  I especially love the little letters around the neck.  It’s not noticeable to others but very noticeable to the one that pays close attentions to you! Loves it!