Ladies Night




w/ The Bride-to-be





One of my good friend is getting married in a week and so of course we had to take her out and enjoy the day.  When you’re settled down with a family and work- it is so difficult to find any time for each other , let alone yourself.   Everyone’s working and when the weekend rolls in…  we need to do our laundry, grocery shop, cook, clean the house, and if we’re lucky enough groom our selves.   
Life has definitely calm down since the college days.   I remembered being able to pull off all nighters.  Haven’t been able to learned a valuable lesson then… I would hit the night clubs, hang with the buddies till the sun rise,  run back to my dorm and change my clothes, and off to work I go.  Looking back, that was some dedication I had.  Too bad it was all for the wrong reasons.  Haha! 
I always enjoy company and a night out.  However I definitely will not be attempting any all nighters again especially after this last night.   The girls and I hit MGM, did some black jacks, dancing, and dining.  There were some ladies (ahh…hem!), that wanted to win back their money, and of course kept the crew up to 4am. 

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  1. you ladies looking great! some of the girls looks so much like you are any of them your sisters?
    It’s always great to have a night out with your girlie’s to get away and finish off a hectic week 🙂

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