Boston Fashion Week – Makeup Backstage

This is a totally late post on Boston Fashion Week.  But here it is… September 2011 was Boston’s first official launch of “The Tent”, where local Boston designers would showcase their goodies.  I joined forces with Your Beauty Industry, Debra Macki, and her other students back stage to work on some of the models in 3 shows.  As you know one of my millions of hobbies is being a MUA.  I get so much joy painting colors on faces and transforming them.  I wish that I can do my many hobbies as a living.  Life would be a breeze of fresh air.     
Here are some of the beautiful faces I got to work on…






The hair styling was very impressive that day.  I took some photos to share with you guys what some of the senior stylist at Acote (in Boston) done for the show.  It’s very Boho and bedhead.  Loves it!
 This is the Acote hair team I believe.  You can see the hairspray in the air.




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