Autumn Leaves





*MM couture jacket, hm scarf & bag, Helmut Lang black jeans, Lucky boots & Stylemint Tee
I don’t know why it seemed to be only my backyard where all the leaves are colored and falling off.  Two blocks down from me, I still see green and light tones of fall brushing in.  If you’ve never seen New England in the fall before, I suggest you do.  It is beautiful and something I have been taking for granted.  Living here my whole life, It’s something I see every year.  After traveling around the world I am so grateful to be living around so much lush greens.  Driving on the highway this time of year is like passing by a endless colorful canvas of landscapes. 

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  1. One of the things I love living in the New England area is definitely the atmosphere of the highways. I live right outside the city so when I drive on the highway, its a nice feeling… a feeling I can’t even explain myself.. maybe childhood? Its beautiful this time of the year. Surprisingly, not as cold as it has been for the past couple of years o.O Not complaining because I do enjoy the weather… minus extremely cold then all of a sudden so warm. I love the weathers to be in its 60’s

    1. Hey Ann,
      omg ur outfit is like SUPER chic!!!!!!!!!
      im more of a leather girl myself, although I’m thinking of changing up a bit now…

  2. My husband and I talk about how we miss Tennessee for those reasons alone. I miss the colors of the autumn leaves and the smell of fall:) I grew up in Chicago and we had the four season, but I took it for granted. The atmosphere in SoCal is nothing like what I’m use to, but I love it just the same;) Anyway, you look great….. that wine color scarf gives the outfit the right pop of color!

    1. Posted on Hey, I just found you and your brilliant video! Love to cocnent with you Can you @reply me on twitter? @laurahames. definitely called for action! Laura xo

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