ME Time

I love the warmth and smell of candles on a rainy day. My favorite scents are baked goods! mmm…
Every now and then I received emails or messages from you ladies telling me how much I have helped you  reinvent yourself into the positive and beautiful woman you’re always meant to be.   I received messages from people from different backgrounds and walks of life- telling me how I had help them take better care of themselves.  Surely, I started my blog out of boredom and not having friends that were into the same things I was into.  Over the years I realized that this has became all very meaningful.
 Most often when it comes to fashion or beauty blogs, people tend to think us girls ever obsess over is painting our faces or spending money on clothing we don’t need.  Little do they know, that these are the little things that helps us shine.  No we should not rely on these things!  However, everyone need some reminder or that extra boost to get them started.  Whether it be red lipstick or a fine pair of shoes, it should give you that extra confidence to walk with your chin up. 
If you can take attention, then you have graduated to accepting yourself!
There was a period in my life where I would purposely dressed down to not attract attention. I felt apprehensive toward the people starring at me.  It was as though I was being judged.  Ironically I would also buy eye stopping clothing and statement shoes.  I always thought that I bought these items for special occasions, but when a special occasion came around I would resort to plane Jane or more like plane Ann. 
I finally asked myself “why the hell am I spending money on things I will never wear?”.  I don’t want to end up on TLC Hoarding- Buried Alive.  WHAT WAS I AFRAID OF? WHAT!????  I have nothing to be a shame about.  From there on I was dressing to impress myself.  No one else.  I wore my fun shoes- even though I knew it would not feel as comfortable as my old sneakers.  I was sacrificing physical comfort, but I wanted to discipline myself from falling back into my old way of thinking.  I will not fall back into caring what people think.  The pain was good at the moment, as odd as it may sound, it’s never a smooth transition to anything.  Once I defeated the painful but very cute shoes,  I knew I had broke out of my comfort zone.  Of course I won’t be walking around in painful shoes anymore but It was my way to break that comfort bubble and boy was it not fun! 
Below are photos of things I enjoyed during “ME TIME”.  Don’t forget your “ME TIME”
I like to make my own Thai tea with almond milk and a little agave sweetner!



Sewing is so therapeutic for me.  I can make stuff and yet not worried about anything else.


Ofcourse clothing… I love prints, colors, and texture.  Sometimes it’s just fun to display them together