Hugs & Chocolate




Lately I’ve been staying away from stores like Forever21 to save myself from trendy pieces that often last for one-two season.  That doesn’t mean I’ll be eliminating them… I do like bargain prices. I’m opening myself to designer pieces and quality goodies.  I’m getting older, wiser, and therefore my budget has grown along with me.  Instead of buying in quantities, I’m choosing quality.  I rather invest in classic pieces that I can wear for years to come.  That’s just a natural thing to do when you get older, you start to think about investments and your actual future.  Oh gosh… where am I getting at.
This pair of Helmut Lang pants are amazingly worth it.  Not only in style, but the material and softness is magical to the touch! Most importantly the fit hugs my boom boom so well that it doesn’t give me the pancake tooshie.  Score this baby for 1/3 the price, end of summer sale!




So mr. UPS finally stopped by today!  If you’ve followed me back in the summer time- I had bought a horn resin watch from Michael Kors.  I was totally in love with that watch and still is today.  Because of that, I was convinced to get my hands on another MK resin watch.  I’m not a fan of cold steal against my wrist and for that reason I lean towards resin bands.  The horn and tortoise design is very posh and are versatile styles to play with.  This time around I wanted something with a bigger case/face and a style that’s more suitable with my silver jewelry.   I love to mix gold and silver!  This boyfriend watch has the right amount of sparkle and the rose gold is not overly blinding.  The watch looks like luxury chocolate on my hands, it’s simply divine! The quality of MK watches are usually pretty worthy and hopefully this one will not disappoint.

*Update 9-9-11:  So I had the links adjusted.  2 links off felt big and roomy, and 3 links off was too tight =( gonna have to send this baby back. *cries.