Why Chanel?

 The little stuff makes a huge difference <3



This is how I motivate myself at work and tell myself “Good job”.  I aim for a nice handbag towards end of the month (or maybe  longer)!   

In the past few months I’ve been searching for the Chanel bag that will fit in with my bipolar style. I wanted something cute, simple, and classic. Chanel is the icon of timeless beauty in fashion, however there were so many options of handbags to choose from! I was debating between the mini-purse or this mini-tote, and so the tote it was! I saw this at the Chanel in Vietnam and knew I wanted it instantly. Of course I didn’t buy it there and then just because designer labels are sky high overseas. Once home I got my hands on this cutie! She’ll look so divine with dresses or casual get-ups. I’m so excited to take her out.

The vintage Chanel logo earring were purchased long before the bag. I simply love them! Again, another versatile piece to play with. Great for casual to dressy outfits.