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The City – Saigon







Hi Everyone!!!
It’s 3am and what better thing to do than to update on my blog. My sleeping schedule is so discombobulated now. Between the time differences and long flights I feel so exhausted. During vacation I’ve tried blogging however I was blocked from posting (?). I couldn’t access certain sites like facebook- depending on the hotel as well.
As you know I took a long long looong vacation to Vietnam/Cambodia. It was no way a leisure type of vacation, that’s for sure! The vacation was comparable to the Amazing Race show. We gone some crazy adventure traveling from south to north Vietnam. It was definitely fun however I surely do not miss it. I think I absorbed in more than I wanted from the trip. My only tip on going to Vietnam is come with a OPEN MIND.
One major thing I did not enjoyed was the lack of sanitation. The majority of local and private bathrooms were dirty and smelly! Many places did not believe in toilet papers. They actually use a water spray to clean, which is fine if there were soap and paper towel available. The weather was hot and humid with no wind, therefore the smell of the city linger around. Many people are often polite but can be shady. You just need to be assertive and watch out. It’s usually the talkative and extra friendly people that are the ones to look out for. I definitely have a great appreciation for the hard working Vietnamese here.They are all very hard workers trying to make it through day by day. The cost of living can almost me expensive as here but the labor is amazingly cheap.There is a growing middle class but then there are also those left behind trying to make ends meet. Like anywhere you go, there are the good and ugly.
The village side







My favorite experience in Vietnam would hav to be visiting the relatives I’ve never met before.  I actually thought that would be the most boring part of the trip but surprisingly it was the most memorable part.  My grandma (the only grandparent alive), a little old lady I’ve never met was genuinely so happy to see me.   The relatives I visited lives in the countryside.  Eric and I had no idea what on earth to expect.  Eric was excited to explore the country and I was nervous about the accommodations.  When we arrived, it reminded me of walking through a Miyazaki film.  The heart and warmth of his film was all experienced within the 2 days I was there.  After a little boat ride to the village, we stepped upon a nicely paved walkway that turned into a little village.  Every step was a new surprised.  There were new homes aside from straw homes.  However everyone was a farmer with their own piece of land.  There were hens, rooster, and baby chicks crossing the pathways, dogs minding their business, and cute little kids playing with each other.   Each home had unique tropical fauna blossoming at their gate and coconut banana trees ready for picking. 
Eric and I had packed our camping essentials however this countryside was hooked up with electricity!  We stayed at my aunt’s house whom hospitality was over the top.  We were welcome with a buffet of tropical exotic fruits, than she stuffed us like pigs after every hour with her home cooking.  It was the best Vietnamese food out of all the restaurants we visited.  Her home laid on the side of the Mekong River.  The view was scenic and serene as the rain slowly poured.  Later in the evening we experienced a refreshing thundered storm bringing in the fresh breeze cooling down the heated day.  Eric and I spent the evening eating fruits and gazing into the moving river as locals quickly move their boats home.   The only noise around was the faint laugher and chucklings of our little guy playing with his cousins, uncles, and aunties in the background.  The day ended like a vacation.
There are sooo much more to our trip as I will post later on.  As for now… I just want to say I’m back! xoxo

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