Farewell Summer!


Since the sting of fall allergy has already entered my body, I’d thought this would be appropriate to post. This is my official farewell to summer =( wahhhh…. This is a very sad moment in my life that seemed to happen every year. This year’s summer especially has gone by faster than the extra pounds I had gained. I’m still waiting patiently for the hot summer nights we used to get, although that stopped happening years ago. Why must summer be so short! New England is definitely a beautiful place to live and I do miss it every time I traveled far away. Therefore I wanted to share this beautiful scenery on a private beach we’ve past over the weekend.
I was doing some styling/makeup for a photo shoot that day and thought I invite the family out too. Luckily I did and we’d all enjoyed the scenery especially little man. When I was his age, my parents had never taken us anywhere interesting. I must say, he is one lucky little man. As the day ended, little man told me he had enjoyed “nature” all day. That just made waking up wicked early so worth it!