Am I a Mulberry or Balenciaga Girl?

Balenciaga Arena Town



Let’s start with this Balenciaga Arena classic Town bag.  Balenciaga are well known for their vintage couture and currently well known amongst fashionista for their motorcycle style handbags.  The bags come in different sizes and styles.  The “town” bag is just one of their classic next to the classic “City” and “Part time” , which is the one with oversize studs. 
*Note:  This bag is very photogenic
5 words I would describe this bag:  Rocker, badass, effortless, casual, and cool.  This particular bag is made of lambskin therefore it doesn’t stand and is floppy.  The bag is nice and I wouldn’t mind owning one -however my first impression when I opened the box was “mehh… it’s smaller than I thought and looks better in photos”.  I have seen this in store before.   I wanted to give it a second chance and spend a few days with it.  My second impression was still “mehh”.  Every girl has a bad side,  I guest this just wasn’t for me.   Will be returning.
Mulberry Polly Push Lock:





*Note: These photos do no justice.
The Mulberry Polly Push lifted me off my feet once I laid hands on it!   I am loving the plum/burgundy hue for the fall.  The color is rich with a decadent sweetness.  The design delivered a classic 70’s glamour.   I find this style and color versatile with many work and day outfits.  This bag is well worth it.  My first impression when I received this bag was… OMG.. amazing!  Better and bigger than expected.  The hardware and leather feels sturdy.  It’s definitely well made.  5 words to describe this… Vintage, retro, posh, and classic!  My style is maturing lately and this bag best described it.   Purchased from!