Take a Break – Grilled Corn Goodness



A.K.A Crack Corn. For the foodies out there who’s willing to try a new recipe on corn… meet the grilled Mexican style corn. So delish and addictive!
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Corn is already one of my favorite food. So when I learned of this I almost died.
Ingredients: There are no specific amount. You can use any amount depending on your taste.
You will need: Mayo (I like veganese), many slices of Lime, Chilli powder (or better Jahin), Parmesan cheese (or cotija anejo cheese).
1. Prep: Leave a few leaves around the corn. This will keep in moist when grilling. Soak the corn in salt water for over 30 minutes. Set your grill.
2. Grill the corn, rotate it around every now and then untill it’s even.
3. Pull the leaves off and grill it evenly until it’s cooked. The kernals should look plumped except the really grilled ones.
4. Start with one side of the corn and splatter on the mayo, sprinkle on parmesan cheese, the chilli powder, then squeeze on some lime!
This is so yummy and surprisingly delicious.


Video turotial below