Simply Boho – Whites 2/5

*top- H&M, shoes- ALDO


I hope you guys are having a lovely unofficial summer. The weather has been good to me ^_^ Look I have color on my skin! I’ve been pretty busy with work, prepping for our big vacation, and trying to get things done before moving into a newer place. I cannot wait to finally live in a bigger home. I’ve been crammed in my apartment for 2 years now. Once upon a time we owned a house too big for the three of us. Our business grew to another location so we moved. Eric and I are almost like traveling hippies. We weren’t ready to make another big commitment into buying another home. Our philosophy changed and so have our lifestyle. We don’t believe in living off credit / the American dream.  Forget having 2 kids, 1 dog, and a big home with white picket fences.  I want to feel happy not look happy.  Being rich is being FREE.

Now where was I? Oh yea… another one of my “White series 2/5”.  White makes everything so easy and effortless.  This time I went for the boho cool gurl.  Simple and fun!