Shades and Protection

These Karen Walkers are bad-ass-dope! I couldn’t decide which frame to go for so I purchased both to try out.  The one with the weird shape is definitely a statement piece.  Both has a vintage edge.  I’ve been living in my Ray-ban wayfarer and aviator this season.  I needed a change and something bigger.  Bigger frames help  make the face appear smaller.  I’m stuck in a dilemma since both are rockin for me. 
$180/ a pop

body cream left, face cream right
*can be found at Walgreens or Target
When it comes to something I use consistently like a lotions or cream on my skin.  I lean toward the most natural product I can possibly find.  I’ve been using Yes to Carrots since last year as a SPF since it’s light weight and has the safest ingredients compare to the others that claimed to be “natural”. 
Nothing is safe now a days and it all comes to our common sense at the end of the day.  Humans weren’t born to bake under the intense sun for hours.  However if you are staying out to enjoy the weather some protection will keep you safe from harmful rays.  SPF 15 blocks 94% harmful rays where as a spf 45 blocks 98%.  SPF 100 are said to not really block 100%.  The reason why companies sells higher spf is because people  don’t apply it on as often as they should. Therefore, higher spf are recommended.  On another note, the sun is not our enemy.  It is a natural part of life.  We need it to help produce Vitamin D and our bone health.  Like everything… it should all be taken in moderation. 
I’m already exposed to cosmetics that contains crazy chemicals.  I tried to at least make the ones I use often natural.   I prefer SPF with Zinc oxide.  I stay away from Homosalte, Octinoxate, and Octisalate.  You can easily google these ingredients for yourself.  Most importantly I don’t go out between 12-1, where the sun is mega hot.  I wear hats, sunglasses, or other cover ups.  I also enjoy looking naturally sun kissed so a little sun at the beach doesn’t hurt.  Again… Moderation is key. 
Other natural SPF:  Burts Bee and Melansol