Sweet Innocence

 bracelets- mix from f21 and gifted from a friend / skirt- forever21/ top- h&m 
I think my little man grew a foot over night or something!  He is such a big big boy now.  I feel so sad how he’s not mommy’s little baby anymore =(  I can barely pick him up in my arms anymore.  When I look back at photos I wished I could have spent more time and not blink once when he was younger.  He still says the cutest things and do the silliest stuff that make Eric and I laugh so hard.  The best thing about having children is watching them grow and being reminded of innocence.  As we get older, we forget the simple pleasure in life.  We forget to laugh often because we become more guarded.   It is so important that a child is raise with lots of love.  That’s what many adults lack.  Kids live by the present, they forgive and forget, they love unconditionally, and they have a great sense of humor!  My son has taught me sooo much and more than I expected.  He’s such a huge part of Eric and I, and what we become.   My only tip to new parents is to love yourself first, then you’ll appreciate the greatness in your child.