Summer Beauty Must




I am sooo in love with these Succulent Lip Twins!  The tubes are adorable.  The colors are rich, pretty, and they feel amazingly smooth on.  I’m not much of a lipstick lover as I’m not fond of the texture and smell of lipsticks.  However, these Lip Twins delivers the rich colors of a lipstick and moisturizes without feeling cakey.  Although these tubes only come in 4 colors, I find these colors perfect for summer!  It’s feminine, fresh, and sweet.  Another great thing about these lip twins is that they serve as a matching blush.  Which is perfect!!! Because summer should be all about the kissable lips and cheeks.

There’s a 20% sale on their site!!!



This Lip blush is another amazing product of theirs.  I have tried Covergirls lip stain and PIXI’s outweigh CG for sure.  The lip blush is exactly like a marker. From the look of a pen down to the application of it.  Rest assure that you don’t get the marker smell.  These lovelies will last all day on your lips- making you look like you just finished a popsicle.  It’s perfect for the beach or any outdoor occasion.  This is MUST for summer!



A sponge foundation applicator- If any of you ladies ever want to try this Beauty blender… I say go for it!  I was hesitant to buy a $18 sponge and instead I opted for the blue Sonia Kashuk version for $10.  What a difference in $8 I must say!  I am so glad I fest up the money afterward and finally had the chance to try out this pink eggy!  They are totally different.   The Beauty blender is A LOT easier to clean, much more airy, and squishy.  Before usage, you would just need to dip it into clean water, squeeze it out the excess, and then towel dry.  Only the original will double in size.  You can use liquid or even powder foundation with this.  With this tool, it will help you achieve light or buildable coverage on your skin without the cakey effect. 
Brush cleaner of a lifetime- How many of you don’t have time to clean your makeup brushes???  This is the best 1-2 step brush cleaner a lazy girl can ever ask for!  Step 1 – Dip, Step 2- brush off the excess! Not only is it quick but it takes off all the difficult products.  I would not use it all the time but only when you simply don’t have the time.  Your brush would at least need some TLC with the old fashion soap every now and then.  Other than that this is your best friend in times for a good cleaning!


No more tangle shampoo + conditioner- As mentioned in my older post.  I stopped my quest for “THE” shampoo and conditioner once I stumbled upon this set.  I had fried and super tangly hair. However this combo was amazingly TOO good.   After my first wash, my hair fell straight!  It was magical… I couldn’t keep it up in a bun because it was that good.   It made my hair felt like it was before all the damages.  Be aware that after using this shampoo, you will have a hard time curling your hair.  So I recommend using this amazing duo every other day.