Orange you Glad

H&M purchases
I remembered hating orange with a passion. It somehow reminded me of Halloween and New England’s fall. This year with color blocking and bright colors I had the urge to buy all things orange. It’s tangy. citrus, and fresh! Orange looks amazing next to a watermelon pink or fuchsia. There are so many fabulous shades of orange… tangerine, coral, or blood orange! Stay away from looking like a convict by mellowing it out with neutrals or monotones.



These were all H&M purchases that I’ve made in the past week.  The orange you see is like a blood orange… you can see lots of red tones in the color.  The bag is so loved although it is black ^_^  I was very close to purchasing the Michael Kors Hamilton bag but was hesitant to, because it was not a cross body bag.  This one- on the other hand is only $50 and is perfectly what I was looking for.  Steal! The tank ($5) above is the perfect simple top to dress up and down.   The material is not overly casual and the drape is on point.  On the contrary, the tail-hem skirt ($39) is ahhh-dorable!!!   The flow, cut, color, and pleats is all the perfect design!  I was really close to buying a jersey beige color skirt with the tail-hem however the slinky material just was’t working for my style.  This orange fabric unfortunately wrinkles way too easily- however there are more pros than cons =) Winning!
When is it too much?  As long as it’s not worn all at once.  Moderation is Key!  These are like candies to us girls ^_^

Almost forgotten about these lovely ladies.  Left is from H&M when I was in NYC and right is from Calypso for Target.  Both felt comfy and cost $30.  The platforms give you a little boost without feeling like you’re walking on your toes.  There’s a good amount of cushion and support.  The white shoes run 1/2 a size big and the orange are true to size.  These are warm weather ready!