Mini Trip – NYC


This past weekend seemed like a weeks getaway.  The family and I took a mini trip down to NYC to do three things… 1) Eric’s lasik eye surgery 2) The Makeup Show for me… at the same time 3) Research on business (cannot reveal until proven successful =)
Friday afternoon, we left for Jersey- where our hotel was.  We were not keen on paying $300-$400 a night in NYC.   So we got ourselves a modern and clean hotel 10 minutes outside of NYC worth $250 for right below $100!  (You can get a deal like that if you bid on priceline -_^)  Before arriving to our destination.  We made our traditional stop at Mitsuwa plaza, where I gather on Japanese goodies and beauty treats!

2nd day- Lasik for Eric!
Day 2 was the day to change Eric’s life!  We found this place through Groupon! Lol  No kidding and don’t worry!  We always do extensive research before something major like Lasik.  This was a reputable place and also top notch in the area.  Eric’s treatment originally cost $5,600.00 and we paid $2600.00!!!  He was a rare case since his prescription was legally blind.  Haha… during his procedure, which was literally10 seconds of laser zapping on both eyes and 2 hours of waiting, little man and I wandered locally around 5th ave.  To my convenience H&M and Zara were down the street!  After intriguing little dude with a giant NYC pretzel- I was on a mission to shop =)

There wasn’t much time to do serious shopping therefore little dude and I thought we out to explore the food festival on 6th ave after H&M.  Once Eric gave us the call, I was doomed to DRIVE in NYC!!! I hate crowded cities and especially getting lost. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad especially after having my handy GPS recalculate its route “only” a million times!!! Eric thought I was an aggressive driver and felt nauseas afterward.  I think it was lasik speaking 😉

We went back to the hotel and rested until the sun set.  After feeling well rested the three of us got ready and headed to Westfield Garden State Plaza.  The mall was huge!  We did some shopping and research on our secret business. After wearing our feet out, we made our last destination… dinner!
Day 3- Makeup Run
Back to NYC.  Sunday was an ease to drive and I was getting used to the one way streets.  Before hitting the Makeup Show, Eric had a post opt with the doc.   Done and out of the way- the next stop was for me!  Eric and little dude went about their way to the Science museum while I feast on makeup!  The venue was crowded as expected and filled with happy faces.  Girls were polite and said “excuse me”.  One chic however starred hard at me, up and down as if she never seen style in here flare jeans and sneakers. Ewwww!  Not at her sad outfit, but her poor attitude.  Aside from envy eyes,  I gorged on discount MUFE, INGLOT, Smashbox, etc… I met some friendly girls along the way but shopping thy self is more productive!  I wished I picked up a few more Z-palettes and some more MUFE shadows.  Overall the weekend went well. Haul post coming soon!

*Eric’s update 2 days after-  He went through TRK which is upgrade to the cut and slice procedure.   However the healing process is slower and more discomforting.  The healing takes 2-3 weeks.  He says it feels like there’s cut onions with hair or sand in his eyes.  It’s a 24/7 discomfort until they take off the contacts they bandage over his pupils.   Poor guy.  His eyes and nose are constantly watering like a bad sinus.