A Splurge Moment


Some people collect antiques, cars, bugs =/, coins, gold… whatever, you name it!  Us girls collect shoes and all things beauty.  These colorful glosses and shadows are just the little things that make us happy.  As a blogger we tend to over do it at times but that’s all part of this game or hobby of ours.  We should not apologize for doing what we love or spending “our” money on what we want.  This isn’t a financial consultant blog.  lol.  If someone has financial difficulties he/she should not be reading or watching these type of things!  People can collect guns or plushy- but when a girl has many handbags or lipstick it’s materialistic?  Double standard.

This past weekend I have been twitting about this Makeup Show in NYC. It’s like IMATS. You basically pay $50 admission to come in and buy professional brand makeup for a discounted price. I am not much of a makeup collector although I do like to have more than I need. 2-3 times a year, I would splurge on makeup. These items however are a mix of goodies for my makeup kit and personal use.

I’ve been eying these palettes for so long and been waiting patiently to get them for cheaper.  Not sure if I did get them at a good discount- since I do not remember how much they normally cost in stores.  I’ve bought these for $34-$36 per palette.  Not bad.  The colors are all very rich and smooth. However, I felt like they needed more variety of matte shadows.  Many of the shades has shimmer and sparkles as you cannot see in the photos.  On the other hand, the lip colors smells sweet and are pretty pigmented.  The thing I like most about Iglot, are the magnetic palettes.  They are stackable and fancy looking!  For a traveling MUA they can be heavy and a hassle to carry around.
*starting from left: Yabby foundation corrector – this makes your foundation less pinky!
lip tars- safety orange, NSFW, black, conquest, grandma, and hush.

*colors fromt he orange clockwise: code orange, tutti frutti tonga, conga to my cabana, agent lavender, sea spray, panda-monium pink, re-fresh mint, and below deck.

I bought all these polishes for a total of $23.50! These china glaze retail between $5-8 and the OPI can range around $9-10 a pop. These were all purchased at a little nail supply store open to nail technicians or beauty professionals. They only offer discounts to people in the beauty business. If you have a business card or some type of proof, I suggest you look for a wholesaler in your area!