Windy Nightmare

JC shoes, Silence & Noise dress, F21 jacket, rings and F21
It’s been crazy windy almost every single day I stepped out. I’m not talking about the cool easy breezy beautiful cover wind. It’s brutal pick you up… slap the shit out of you.. then throw you on the ground wind.
My goal in the next 2 years, is to find somewhere warm and sunny. I grew up in New England and every winter I pray to live somewhere warmer. It is definitely beautiful here with all four seasons. Winter just feels too longgg. It practically gobble up half of spring and half of fall. This was my 2nd attempt to do an outfit shoot since last week’s failed. I like wind in my photos just not ice cold gut retching wind like today. Okay that’s my bitch talk for today. Hope you guys are enjoying your weather!

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  1. I love your shoes!
    I remember seeing them in one of your hauls and I think they’re fantastic 🙂

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