Spring 2011 Hair color – Ombre Hair


I’ve been contemplating whether to go back to darker hair so I can grow out my healthy roots again. However, I think lighter colors suits me better.

This trend has been going strong ever since Fall 2010. I was a little hesitant to pull off the look. It basically look like you’re growing out your roots…But !!! After seeing it on main stream starlets, it started to win me over. This type of style is perfect since I’m the type that can never keep my roots retouch often. Besides that, freshly color hair can look too beauty pageant ready. On another positive note, the Ombre effect will keep me away from the bleach as well. My hair used to be amazingly healthy until I started highlighting . It’s definitely time for change…
This look is perfect for girls with lighter hair and skin.  It’s a little light chestnet brown mixed into blond.  I think this is a good way to go if you’ve always been blond and want to experiment with darker shades.
After watching Giuliana on E, I was ready for the transition.  I think her shades of coloring will be perfect for tanner girls!  This is great for darker brunettes who want the light blond to brighten their complexion.
You can still rock this look without the light blond. This is great if you’re more into darker shades but still want a little highlight.  It’s a dark Auburn to a gradient light brown/darker blond effect.  Less of a contrast and more natural. 

With the Ombre coloring effect. You can still maintain some blond ambitions, yet still keep a rich sophisticated color. It’s a win win for me!