Online Shopping is more Fun… sometimes!

I am so excited and already sad that the flowers are at full bloom. It’s so sad that something so beautiful cannot last long. I love flowers especially on trees. They’re so vibrant and beautiful!
These photos were shot on my shopping day. I didn’t buy anything that day, wished I did. Once I was home- I kept thinking about the pair of leggings I should have bought at Zara =( Don’t you hate that? Btw. The Michael Kors watch below is my fav purchase this April! I’ve been needing a watch foreverrrr but never had the time to actually shop. Yes… sad but true. I finally got the chance to visit Nordstrom that day, tried out some watches, then ordered the one I liked on for $50 cheaper!
I love the “horn” resin.  It doesn’t fade and is light weight.  The style has just enough sparkle.  This watch goes so well with many things in my closet.  The pearl face is to die for! It’s just a versatile style all together.  I’m so in love with this watch!
I was seduce to joining this site (which is FREE).  It’s one of those “exclusive” sites where you have to register in order to buy.   Youtube Gurus were talking about this site which sparked my curiosity.  I thought I wouldn’t see anything I like however  I did!  They do have some unique pieces that your copycat friend may not know about.   I think it’s a pretty cool concept and hopefully I’ll find more unique jewelry from them.