Nude & Black

Nude pumps are such a versatile style to work with. It elongates the legs, make them much sexier, and looks great with almost every style. The added black definitely is a bonus. Every girl should at least have 2 pairs of Nude pumps!

These are the delicious Drama Platform Pumps by Brian Atwood.  Seamlessly crafted with nude and black patent leather.   
($660, SOLD OUT)
These are the Steve Madden version to help your cravings. Of course I would prefer the designer over these anytime. They don’t do justice near the real deal, however I’ve been reading some decent reviews.
Let’s see!
( $99)
I spotted these a day too late.  They look more comfortable than the Steve madden’s. Too bad they were all out of 7’s.  shux…
(Jessica Simpson $99
Posh in her designer heels.
Take it a step further…
(Brian Atwood)

4 comments on “Nude & Black”

  1. the steve madden ones look disgustingly cheap… compared to the original…
    but brian’s … wow love~

    the jessica simpson one isn’t bad either..

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