Be Good to Me


I’ve tried Lush bath bombs before- which I loved but not too keen on spending  $6-$10 per bomb or better… per bath!  However, this past month I’ve been playing a new tune.   After a season of hard work,  I thought I deserve to pamper this temple that God gave me! lol  

In order to keep myself healthy, I need to keep my mind healthy.  Pampering yourself is key.   A nice soothing bath can make such a difference.  I highly recommend it to any of you stressed people.  If you can’t get some bath bombs, try Epsom salt- which help relax the muscles.   These Lush bath bombs have extra ingredients that stimulate the senses, soften your skin, and exude the sex goddess in you.  No kidding on the last part! 

Here’s some of my Lush products… 

These cute bombs are actually for my little guy (the frosty ones).  He has elaborate taste like his mum.  Out of all the bombs, my favorite is the Sex bomb (Not shown) the smell is amazing!

The Brown heart is a bronzing bar.  It has a beauty sheen of golden bronze when applied to the skin.  Very smooth and subtle.  The pink soap bar is called “Rock Star”, which is one of my fav!  It has a sweet smell that I can’t explain.  If you ever happen to go by a Lush, asked for smaples.  They are often friendly but sometimes pushy.

I’ve recently started using their lotions as well.  That’s what got me back for more.  I have really dry skin and so does my little one.  Lush’s lotions feel like it moisturizes longer leaving the skin soft and silky.  I’m also obsessed over the smell of the “charity pot”.  It smells like chocolate and sweet cherries! mmmm….I bought a small tube as a donation (btw. 100% profit goes to charity), then came back for the larger tube.  “Sympathy for the skin”  is more moisturizing and has a subtle smell of oats and bananas.  I used that one on my son- since his skin is delicate and he doesn’t like the smell of the other lotions.

I love their soaps too.  I pay too much attention to the scent to notice if it does anything to my skin.  I wonder if this is what crack smells like, because after each sniff… I just want more! =P  The green Jungle conditioning bar is seriously addicting.  It feels like garbage in my hair but I just love the smell soo much! *_* I would mix it with water and spray it on my hair near the poolside or beach.

Aside from feeling nice on the skin and smelling insanely good.  The main reason I would spend money on Lush  is for the quality ingredients.  It’s more natural than what you often see and the fact that they’re so involved with smaller communities instead of mass producing.  It’s handmade not factory produced.  We probably spend more money on shoes that hurt our feet than quality items for our skin.