A Short Day


These shorts are adorable although I find the cut unflattering to my figure.  It makes my legs appear stumpy and short.
necklace- H&M
Having a multi-color necklace will help pull any outfit together or just gives it some much needed style. 
beaded bracelets – forever21, shoes- Jessica Simpson
I love the pop of color in these beads.  It goes so well with many other colors and clothing.
4-24-11 Easter Sunday.  I really had no idea it was Easter today until I checked my daily twitter and see all the “Happy Easter” post.    I don’t go to church or worship anyone anywhere… although, I like to celebrate the  holidays!  It’s a great excuse to go out, dress up, and spend some quality family time.   BTW… I’m not a atheist.  I’m very much spiritual but let’s not get into that =)
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  My hub and I got to plan out a treasure/ egg hunt for the kiddies in the family.  It was a success and they all had a blast running around in circles.   The best part of every holiday I must say, is watching the kiddies having so much fun.  It must be so wonderful to laugh about the littlest things in life! ^_^  It was definitely a short day.