Shop and Donate

The people over at asked if I can help speard the message about how they are trying to help the tsunami victims in Japan. If you have the itch to shop and want to feel good about it, this is a great way! Otherwise there are many other charities you can just make full donations to! ^_^ I think every effort is a good deed, little or big… Helping each other is the focus!

• Action Against Hunger
• American Red Cross (via Amazon)
• American Jewish World Service
• AmeriCares
• Asia Foundation
• BAPS Care International
• Direct Relief International
• Habitat for Humanity International
• International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent
• Islamic Relief Worldwide
• Karuna Trust
• Network for Good
• Oxfam International (US page)
• Quarters From Kids: Tsunami Relief and Rebuilding
• Sarvodaya
• Save the Children
• UNICEF (US page) (via Paypal)
• World Food Programme (UN)
• World Vision