Fashion & Beauty

Hey Lovelies!
So this past week I’ve been trying to keep myself productive by updating my portfolio and learning about makeup!  I’m that type that wants to learn everything.  I constantly feel like I need to keep on learning.  It’s good and bad for me.  Good in a sense that I’m keeping myself productive.  Bad- I need to focus and concentrate.  I can’t help it… I feel like I want to do everything!!! I love it all.  In college I studied Fashion Merchandising/ Business marketing.  I also studied photography and now… I’m a certified makeup artist!!! I’m so intrigue by all.  It’s so expressive and rewarding to see the end results.  My father would always ask me “why don’t you stay focus on one thing?” lol, although I may seem to be a little all over the place… I know that when I’m working on a project, I give it 200%!!!  No matter what I’m doing, I give it my full attention and love =)
These are a few outfits I styled for the shoot.  It was really fun and I’m learning so much.  I hope to improve and progress after each and every future shoot!
The photographer wanted something dark and edgy.  I came up with these outfits for Jamie… as if she was going to a party or rock concert.   
That’s the model’s real hair.  Girl is blessed! (hair and makeup stylist- Heather on right, she’s so good!)
Dressed Amanda in a corset top from Guess and harem pants.  She’s wearing Aldo pumps.
The photographer Henrique =)

This is at Celebrity makeup artist- Debra Macki’s makeup class.  It was so fun and such a positive experience. She’s a very down to earth person and a great mentor!   She has so many experience and gives great great advice… one week was certainly not enough!  If you’re in the States and thinking about taking classes… Her site is below.  I definitely recommend taking her class. 

 Debra Macki demonstrating on Rosalie.  Wished that was me she was working on =)
Kara practicing on Thao.  Great job girls! 
I look so different in here.  My makeup was done by Thao and Debra’s makeup was done by Rosalie. 
The Crew: Thao, me, Tana, Rosalie, and Kara – The girls were so much fun and sweet.
I miss you guys!!! =)