Spring Starts with these…


Hey ladies!!! I’ve been so good at not spending lately… I think it’s all thanks to not having time.  Seriously, I don’t even have the luxury to shop online anymore.   Work has been more demanding than ever.  This is good for me- however I am in need for some more business work pants!  Now I understand why people would hire a stylist or personal shopper.  Anyways… Before the craziness in my life, I splurge on these items.    I absolutely love these!!!

I call these investment pieces.  I have cheap things I love and I have investment pieces that I  show more love to.
I thought this Alice & Olivia jacket color is unique and simple.  You don’t come across a soft pink leather jacket often, and jackets are always so versatile yet last longer over many wears. 
Original price $705 Now $317.25 
*I never ordered from this site before, it better work out.
These Jeffery Campbells are uber hot!  After watching Tron, I was even more driven to rock out these babies.  They’re so sci-fi and daring.  I consider JC shoes to be mid range price.  The quality and comfort is good and the styles are definitely fun! 

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  1. So I just wanted to say, I’ve discovered your youtube not long ago and I’m 110% hooked! LOVE your style, alternative health approach to things, veg/vegan diet and everything else! Was on your old blog and loved the recipes and natural remedies–elmers glue one! Just found this one and am starting to browse. So just wanted to say thank you for the ideas and inspiration and I really appreciate all the time and energy you’ve put into this!


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